Sustainable fashion is for everyone.
After all, movements are stronger when everyone is included.

what we stand for

From the materials we use to create our products to our packaging, we use the most eco-friendly option.

Our bags are made from quality vegan and recycled materials. Our shipping is carbon neutral and our packaging mailers are compostable.

When we say that sustainability can be chic AND functional, we live by those words!

Cruelty-free. Always.
Recycled Nylon & Vegan Leather
Carbon-neutral Shipping

Did you know? The process of preparing leather to be made into products is incredibly harmful to our environment.

According to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (the fashion industry's trusted tool to measure environmental impacts of materials), tanning is the most toxic phase in leather processing. 90% of leather production uses a process called chromium tanning.

This happens when leather hides are doused in water, chromium salts and tanning liquor to stop them from decomposing. It produces a lot of chemicals and gases, including carcinogenic chromium, all of which are toxic to our environment.

Leather's Impact Score: 159

The Higg Materials Sustainability Index gives leather an impact score of 159 due to its high contribution to global warming and water use.

Higher the number, greater the impact.

Vegan Leather's Impact Score: 32

The Higg Materials Sustainability Index gives vegan leather an impact score of 32, which is significantly lower than genuine leather and polyester. We're also working hard with our research & development team to source innovative vegan leather made from natural materials (plant-based fibers). Coming soon!

made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles.

Seriously. We love the double-take that people do when we tell them that the ACTIVE Recycled Fanny Pack is made out of recycled nylon created from plastic water bottles. We launched this product in 2020 during the pandemic and it's the perfect, functional sidekick for outdoor activities and music festivals. Oh, and it has all the pockets you'll ever need. We got your back. :)