Our Mission:

Built with intention & purpose to change the world

PRISM was started with a purpose: to create products that inspire and empower women to change the world for the better. Through sustainability practices, ethical labor, and dedication to supporting women’s rights, we’re changing the world, one bag at a time.

When we think of sustainable fashion, why do we think of luxury price points that aren’t accessible?

At PRISM, we believe that you cannot build a movement when people can't afford a seat at the table.

Ethical labor should be the norm.

Our factories are ISO 45001 certified, and we're dedicated to creating better, safer working conditions for each of our artisans.
Our reason for being:
Female Empowerment

We empower our users who carry our radically functional bags and donate 5% of our proceeds to help women in underserved communities succeed in the workforce. We partner with the Downtown Women's Center and Dress for Success LA to donate our bags and educate women.

Did you know that 10% of all landfill waste is leather and textile waste?


We prevent our bags from being a part of that statistic by implementing a circular supply chain to prevent landfill waste. Ready to retire your bag? We'll give you 15% off your next purchase and donate your bag to a woman in need.

Learn more about our recycling program

Time and time again, we prove our strength through our ability to rise to the challenge.

COVID-19 impacts different populations more severely based on racial, social, and economic inequity. We've launched our RESILIENT COLLECTION and have partnered with groups like the ACLU, #GetUsPPE, and the Downtown Women's Center to donate 10% of our proceeds to groups that need it most.