Hey, we're Rachel & Helen-Sage, founders of prism. 👋🏼

We're identical twins, professional changemakers who've traveled thousands of miles on buses and trains to fight injustice, and lovers of beautiful design. Throughout our work fighting the “Pink Tax” and promoting women’s rights, we've traveled across the nation, prepping for legislative hearings while watching the early morning sunrise, getting ready for press conferences in Amtrak bathrooms, and interviewing for Teen Vogue at the steps of the Capitol building.

While commuting, we've hauled multiple, heavy bags—including a Dora-the-Explorer-type backpack, a nondescript canvas tote bag, and a Kate Spade handbag—due to the lack of a bag that could do it all.

The spirit of PRISM was born at the intersection of mission-driven work and a simple resistance to compromise. We wanted to look and feel like we had it all together (like we didn’t nap on the 8 hour train ride or pull an all-nighter preparing). Our designer “work” bags felt like heavy, all-too-familiar black holes that lacked the organization we needed for our busy days (we’re talking receipts and hair ties that will never see the light of day, pens and laptop chargers doing the tango, and crumbs of granola plastered onto the bottoms of our books). A bag that simply looked nice wasn’t enough to feel our best (while fighting the patriarchy) when we were fighting ourselves to find what we needed in our bags. After all, looking good and feeling organized makes you feel like you're at the top of your game.

some milestones - in pictures

We ideate and sketch our concepts.

Our products were inspired by our own travels and need for function. We also collaborate with BIPOC designers from big names in our industry.

We user-test and rigorously test our products for durability.

Some of these tests include (but not limited to) waterproofing and stress-testing! Our products are made to withstand the challenges of life.

We also handpick our colors and materials for each of our products.

SO many options - it can be a little overwhelming sometimes, but we love including customer feedback. Helen finds this process really exciting!

We prototype all of our future products and this is our factory partner in Downtown Los Angeles.

It all starts from a paper pattern or "instructions" to make each product. Then we iterate 'til we get it perfect. Our main materials are eco-friendly canvas, vegan leather, and recycled nylon.

In 2021, we launched a partnership with Alltrue (formerly CAUSEBOX)!

We sold out of our inventory in 48 hours, which was incredible. We LOVE aligning with brands and consumers who share our passion for sustainability, empowerment, and ethical labor.

And here we are, making our wholesale deliveries in the middle of the pandemic!

If we can all get through 2021, we can literally get through anything. We loaded up Rachel's mini SUV and delivered 8 moving boxes full of PRISM products.

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