What to Wear and Where: Airport Travel Edition

What to Wear and Where: Airport Travel Edition

Airport attire is tricky. Putting together a travel-ready and chic outfit for the airport can be more challenging than sitting on a 12 hour flight. You want to look good, or put together, at the very least. You want to feel comfortable. Whatever it is you’re wearing has to be practical and functional.  The battle lines are drawn: sweats vs leggings, huge hoodie vs longer layers, and sneakers vs slip-on sandals-- the bracket list goes on.  Let me reassure you that we’re playing for the same team: I’ve narrowed down the perfect formula for airport fashion that is both stylish, comfortable and functional, so the only you need to worry about is finding your passport when TSA checks it (hint: our ACTIVE Recycled Fanny Pack is truly a lifesaver for airport travel).


Here’s the rundown: 

Black R&R Jogger from Girlfriend Collective 

Joggers are perfect for traveling. They are less constricting than leggings but more forgiving than pants, and a good pair of joggers are easily the ultimate athleisure staple.  I love this pair from Girlfriend Collective. They are made from recycled water bottles and are priced at $68. 


Cotton Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt from Back Beat Co. 

I love to wear something cropped when I travel. I like that it gives my outfit a little bit of a more sophisticated silhouette and makes me feel put together. Cropped tops or sweaters like this one are great because they will keep you cosy and comfy without weighing you down with extra fabric. There’s nothing I hate more than feeling like my hoodie is swallowing me whole. This top from Back Beat Co is $88 and is locally made in California with low-impact fabrics. Any cropped sweater or top will work just great though!


White Sneakers

Sometimes you’ll find me at the airport in heeled booties, but that's only because I packed too much. I prefer to wear closed-toe sneakers when I travel, and no surprise here, I usually choose Air Force 1’s. They are comfy, versatile, stylish, and are always on my packing list.  Sandals sometimes sound like they’d be a good idea, but I always find myself wishing I was wearing something comfirer when I wear my Birkenstocks to LAX. 


Deciding which bag and carry-on I’ll take on a trip is always my toughest decision. I always want to bring a purse as one of my carry-ons, but I can never find anything in it in a pinch. I usually need a bigger bag too, and then I just end up lugging around what feels like my bodyweight in bags through the terminals.  

The ACTIVE Recycled Fanny Pack is perfect for traveling. With internal compartments for all your essentials, you can carry your most important traveling necessities across your body, so your hands are free for your larger carry-ons. I like to wear the fanny pack like a cross body bag when I travel because it feels the most secure.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to accessorize. Accessorizing for the airport, like anything else, has to be both functional and practical above anything else. 

I like to throw a colorful scrunchie on my wrist. Scrunchies are softer and more comfortable than traditional hair ties and they can add much needed personality and style to what otherwise may be a monochrome ensemble. These ‘super scrunchies’ from Free People are so fun and they come in lots of styles and colors.

Jewelry is one the easiest ways to add flare to any outfit. Simple staples like gold or silver hoops can elevate any casual outfit of sweats and a t-shirt so that you look put together, but with minimal effort. I like these from Bagatiba because they are ethically and sustainably made, but any hoops you have are sure to do the trick.