sleek, modular & comfortable.

Say hello to your new everyday backpack. For commuters and stylish travelers alike, the ACTIVE Backpack is loaded with intuitive and functional pockets that'll make you say, "I didn't know I needed that!"

Fits a 14" Laptop
Vegan + Cruelty-free
Water Resistant
2 Hidden Pockets

If you're looking for the beauty in chaos, you've found the ACTIVE Backpack.

The concept for our flagship backpack was born out of the complexity of life, like trying to get through TSA 20 minutes before boarding time or wishing you had a third arm to carry your coffee while having an armload of books.

The ACTIVE Backpack has features like a separate laptop compartment that fits up to a 14" laptop, and the main compartment has room for headphones, notebooks, pens and a mesh zip pocket for all the small things.

Elasticized Pockets
Zippered Mesh Pocket
Luggage Strap
USB Charging Compatible

Everything belongs somewhere.

You belong wherever you feel empowered to be. And there's nothing more empowering than knowing where all of your belongings are. With 6 different internal compartments including a mesh zippered pocket, even the smallest rubber bands have a home in your new backpack.

Chaos = managed.

Olive Green (Limited)

ACTIVE Backpack Demo

First Edition Prototype


- is on the hot mess express, leaving dysfunction junction.

- has ever fallen in love with a packing cube.

- believes that there's a time and place for everything and the time is now.

- has at least one mysterious knot in their laptop charging cable and is always wrangling unruly cords.

- is the strong female lead living 5 different lives rn.

- has places to be.