Women's Empowerment

Our feminist agenda.

Empowering every woman in the world: our users who carry our radically functional bags and women in underserved communities and developing countries who deserve an education. Becoming the brand that tailors to the rising segment of brilliant, intelligent, and talented women that believe that the future is female and care deeply about the world that we live in.

In the past 100 years, the role of a woman has changed drastically, as we've broken the glass ceiling countless times to find ourselves in boardrooms, military combat zones, and places where decisions are made.

This still isn't the case for many women in developing countries. What would a world where women have equal access to education and opportunities to succeed look like?

85% of the global population is literate.

The adult literacy rate has risen from 76% in 1990 to 85% in 2013. (Source: UN Women)

But 60%+ of the world's illiterate are women.

In developing countries, the literacy rate for women is only 77%. In the least developed countries, that percentage drops to 53%.

As mission-driven, young professionals, we were motivated to create a better bag that does better for women everywhere, the people who manufacture our bags, and the planet. 

Rachel Lee, Co-Founder of PRISM Bags
Breaking the poverty cycle & advocating for equality:
Providing skills-based education to women in need.

To work with our partner UN Women to educate one woman through skills-based job training, we are donating 5% of our profits from each bag.

5% of our flagship work bag roughly translates to $9.50, which is enough to teach 1 woman in a developing country to read and write—the first step to earning a sustainable living and breaking the poverty cycle.

For each of our larger holiday bundles, we donate 5% (roughly $15) to make it possible for 1 girl in a developing country to go school. We also donate any lightly used bags to our partner, Dress for Success to create a circular supply chain and help women in need of professional attire.

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