EMBLEM Convertible Belt Bag


Made from sustainable vegan leather,
a custom blend that is REACH-certified.



As creators and founders of PRISM, we wanted to create the ultimate bag that would give us a hands-free alternative to safely carry our everyday, on-the-go essentials, while creatively tackling current existing environmental concerns worsened by the pandemic. Waste from single-use plastics, namely disposable masks, takeout containers, and plastic bags has surged globally, with enough plastic waste produced to cover the entire land mass of Switzerland.

EMBLEM Convertible Belt Bag (Black)
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The Emblem Mini bag is what it would feel like to always have the perfect size and amount of pockets (eureka!). The convertible silhouette easily converts three ways, from a hands-free belt bag, to a mini shoulder bag, to a clutch.

This compact and versatile bag has designated pockets for your mask, credit cards, keys, and hand sanitizer.