Send back your retired PRISM bag to get 15% off. Support a woman in need of professional attire. Prevent landfill waste. One of the easiest missions you will accomplish.

How it works:

Step 1: Marie Kondo your closet

Find your well-loved PRISM bag, wine-stained, beat up, or brand new. We’ll take it back, no questions asked. We believe in second chances. ♡

Step 2: Print out a return label

Print out a shipping label found on our PRISMRecycles label page and find a leftover Prime package box. Drop it off at the closest UPS location.

Step 3: We give your bag a new life

 We got this. Either your items will go to local women in need through our giving partner Dress for Success or repurposed into a new bag, we’ll let you know!

Step 4: Get an awesome discount

You’re a hero! By giving your bag a new life, you’ll get 15% off your next purchase. Reel in a friend and you'll both get 20% off your next purchase.